Reiwa engine at a2a forum

The Ragusa-based startup Reiwa Engine chosen by the giant A2A as part of "Challenge for Sicilia", a contest for innovative realities of sustainable transition and renewable energy. This opens up new opportunities in the context of the great project of the Integrated Energy Pole of San Filippo del Mela reconvertion

Reiwa Engine, the Ragusa-based start-up that patented SandStorm, the revolutionary robot for the automatic and sustainable cleaning of solar panels in large photovoltaic systems, is increasingly protagonist in places of innovation at national and international level.

These days, it is sitting at the table of A2A, the large Italian multi-utility in the environment, energy, networks and technologies for smart cities sectors. The occasion is the forum "Energy transition and circular economy in Sicily: the key role of the San Filippo del Mela hub", a moment of confrontation between the energy giant and Sicilian stakeholders that was held yesterday in Milazzo.


Reiwa Engine has been selected by A2A as one of the three Sicilian innovative realities worthy of participating in the ambitious conversion of the Sicilian plant into a "circular economy and energy conversion" and thus playing a leading role in the ecological transition of the Sicilian territory.

«Innovation is our driving force, energy sustainability is our creed, and Sicily is the place where we wanted to establish and pursue our activity. We have chosen not to be brain drainers like many of our peers. We believed and bet on the opportunities that our land can offer. This is why we are so proud to sit at the Sicilian table of an important player like A2A, convinced that together we can do a lot for the ecological transition of our precious territory», explain Salvatore Salerno and Salvatore Occhipinti, the young founders of Reiwa Engine.


The choice was made as part of the Challenge for Sicily launched in June by A2A: Reiwa will now have the concrete opportunity to start a collaboration for the development of a pilot project and to work with A2A's Corporate Venture Capital fund, which supports startups active in strategic sectors for the multi-utility.

During the Forum, Reiwa presented to the company’s top management, in the presence of local institutions and entrepreneurs, its innovative idea, the revolutionary SandStorm patent.

The robot for the automatic dry cleaning of solar panels, the flagship of Reiwa's production, fully meets the objectives of the Challenge and of the energy requalification project of the Sicilian pole: improving the efficiency of the plants, optimising the yield from the use of renewable energy sources, cutting costs and saving resources.


Reiwa Engine is the new System Integrator that studies, designs and realizes customized and versatile solutions in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence and industrial plants. The start-up was born less than two years ago in Comiso by a team of young professionals with a solid experience in the sector who have bet on their land and their skills. Its history is as short as it is intense because thanks to its scalability and potential, the Sandstorm project, unique for its technology, has aroused in a few months the interest of national and international investors.

In fact, SandStorm has already been tested by Enel Green Power. And the start-up has been selected and rewarded by Unicredit's acceleration programme (Unicredit Start Lab) and chosen by Ice, the agency for the promotion of Italian products, to participate in the main international trade fairs for industry and technological innovation, such as ИННОПРОМ, which has just ended in Ekaterimburg, Russia, Accelerate in Israel in TelAviv (an international scale-up programme) and the prestigious Ces in Las Vegas.

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